The Lifecasting Process

So how does the lifecasting process work? We created this video to help you gain an understanding of the lifecasting process. We have detailed all the lifecasting steps so you see the how it works and know what to expect for your lifecasting session.

After being invited to participate in a John C. Campbell Folk School exhibition at the headquarters of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA, I asked the Folk School director, Jan Davidson, to be my subject. In an attempt to create an artistic piece that shows personality, depth, and a feeling of the Folk School, this video shows a snapshot of the process it took me to get there. I call the finished piece The Spirit of the Folk School.

Rachel’s Lifecasting Process

Here are a few photos showing how the casting process works. Rachel, a yoga instructor, poses her hands in “Anjali Mudra” to capture not only her physical body, but also to represent her love of yoga. The casting process is easy and many people describe it as what it feels like when you go to a spa to get a facial or body wrap. Donna uses hospital-grade completely non-toxic alignate, so the casting is completely safe for you body and skin.

Photo Gallery

Ashley’s Belly Cast

Ashley and Mark Baker capture her belly at 36 weeks with their precious Logan. Many pregnant woman choose to capture the magic of pregnancy with a lifecast of their belly. Belly casting is a fun, safe and simple process and Donna uses products that contain all natural, non-toxic ingredients. Take a look at the process of Ashley’s belly cast. As you can see, it can be a special, joyful event for you & your partner.

Photo Gallery