Sadly, the world has lost a very talented artist and teacher, David Parvin. Nearly 10 years ago (in March) I flew to Denver to take a week-long course in lifecasting. What I got was an incredibly intensive, in-depth education not only in lifecasting but also in secondary mold-making, finishing material options, marketing, and life in general. Dave was quite a character and an amazing teacher & sculptor. His philosophy was to pass on knowledge and never hold back “industry secrets.” He taught his classes so that his students could succeed and I appreciate and honor the many gifts he gave me.

Over the years he has walked me through issues as I’ve grown in my own artistic endeavors. I’ll miss his near daily Facebook posts and the ability to seek advice from him. He left behind a loving family and many, many friends, aquaintences, and admirers for his work, his humor, and his generous nature…as well as lots and lots of sculptures that will carry his work forward for lifetimes to come. I hear his voice each and every time I sign a new sculpture, “Alway put the full date, you never know how far into the future someone will be trying to figure out which century it came from”